Client charter

Client charter

Our commitment to you

Marston provides effective civil enforcement services to claimants and their professional advisers. We operate a professional, ethical and lawful service, upholding the reputation of Marston and of our clients.

We will annually review the services provided under this agreement - or more frequently, if appropriate. We also offer a free transfer up process for our clients.

If you have any questions about our services offered please contact a member of our client services team on 0333 320 2549.

Processing new writs

We aim to have one of our dedicated enforcement agents attending the customer’s address within five working days of escalation from the compliance stage (subject to matters outside our control), in order to Take Control of Goods and demand the full balance due in respect of the judgment.

If the balance cannot be paid in full, we would expect to enter into a Taking Control of Goods agreement with the customer, securing the goods on your behalf and obtaining an acceptable payment arrangement.

Reporting active cases

You will be able to view progress of your cases online through Unity, our state-of-the-art client portal, which is available to all of our High Court clients.

Our first written report will be dispatched to you within 48 hours of entry onto our system, and/or following our initial visit.

By using Unity, you will be able to access your case with us 24/7, alternatively if you prefer to receive electronic reports on active cases these can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis in line with your requirements.

Reporting on suspended cases

  • We will immediately cease enforcement action when you suspend a writ, upon receipt of your written instruction.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your instruction to suspend enforcement action.
  • We will send you monthly reminders that a writ is suspended and that we await your instructions.

Accounting for money we have received

All money we recover must legally be retained for 14 days from the date of receipt before they can be paid to you. We will remit money due to you as soon as this period has elapsed.

The fee scale is set by regulation, and is formed of four parts:

Schedule of High Court fees (net of VAT)

Fee stage Fixed fee £0 - £1,000 Percentage fees above £1,000
Compliance stage £75
1st Enforcement stage £190 7.5%
2nd Enforcement stage £495
Sale or disposal stage £525 7.5%

While it is intended that these fees, when applied, will cover the cost of enforcement, undoubtedly instances will arise where it will be necessary for additional fees to be applied, i.e. exceptional expenses. Where these arise, an application to court will be required for the court to authorise additional expenses.

When distributing payments made by a customer, funds are distributed on a pro rata basis. We will release all money available to you as soon as we can. Remittances will be sent to you daily, unless agreed otherwise. The method used will be BACS once the 14 days has elapsed.

Electronic payments will be accompanied by an itemised schedule of payments in respect of each writ. The total on the schedule will equal the amount of the bank transfer.

Response to enquiries

We will endeavour to respond to requests for reports and enquiries within five working days.

Our preferred methods of communication with you are email, Royal Mail post, or Document Exchange (DX).

Your commitment to us

Credits or payments

You commit to informing us of any credit or payment made by defendants, either to yourselves or your clients, immediately upon receipt of notification of the payment.

Insolvency proceedings

You commit to informing us as soon as is practical if you receive notification of insolvency proceedings being taken against either a claimant or defendant.


You commit to responding to letters and other communication in the same timescale as we have set for ourselves, wherever practicable.


You agree to make payment to us in respect of our fees within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Relaying complaints

You agree to notify us promptly of any complaint you receive from a client, customer or third party concerning us (without accepting or allocating blame), and to allow us to investigate.

Data protection

You commit to authorising us to process all data you provide to us in the course of recovery activities, providing that such processing is in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and data protection principles.

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