High Court writs

High Court writs

What are High Court Writs?

High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) authorise for the enforcement of the writs of execution issued out of the High Court. There are many types of High Court writs including:

Writ of Control

Provides for the recovery of money owed and the seizure and sale of the judgment debtor's goods.

Writ of Delivery

Provides for the recovery of a specific item.

Writ of Possession

Provides for the recovery of land or property e.g. squatters after an order for possession has been obtained.

Why choose Marston?

Marston's High Court Division are specialists in the enforcement of all High Court Writs. We have a market-leading collection rate, recovering more money for High Court clients than any other business.

Our senior team alone has over 100 year experience in High Court Enforcement and with 80 High Court specialists and a team of highly skilled authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, you can be reassured that you have the most professional team working on your behalf.

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