Customer support and care

Customer support and care

Our trained customer support team will ensure your case is managed in the most helpful and supportive way.

Customer support

Marston customers are entitled to a standard of service that meets the same level of quality, professionalism and care that would be expected of any high quality service organisation. And, we are going to some lengths to make sure these standards remain and are met.

If you are a customer, contacting us is essential so we can help you resolve your case. If you receive correspondence and are not a customer, it is important you let us know so we can verify the correct information and update our records.

How to contact us


Embassy House, 60 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2DJ DX 13014 Birmingham

Email: [email protected].

Telephone: 0333 320 2540*.

Fax: 0121 200 7401.

Please note: Calls are charged at local rates. Calls from mobile phones may incur additional charges.

We are also aware that there are instances when customers are faced with challenges that prevent them from resolving cases quickly. To support these customers, we have a dedicated welfare team that work closely with vulnerable customers.

Our Samaritan-trained welfare team works in close partnership with advice groups, such as the Citizens Advice and StepChange Debt Charity. If you are facing a challenge that prevents you from resolving your case, please speak to our customer contact centre on the telephone number above.

Customer Care

We realise that a visit from a judicial services officer can be an unusual and sometimes difficult moment for any person or family. We are keen to learn from your experience, and will take all feedback seriously. We know we can always improve what we do.


If you have received exceptional service from us we would like to know so that we can thank the individual officer on your behalf. We believe that recognition of excellent service helps to encourage other staff to consider how they can improve the services they provide. Please address your compliment to [email protected]


We take all complaints or any expression of dissatisfaction very seriously. We will investigate in accordance with our procedure set out below and will aim to reach a resolution as speedily as is possible. We do our best to carry out our work fairly and effectively, however we know that there will be times when you feel unhappy about our service. We are committed to putting things right if something goes wrong. Complaints are important to us, because they help us improve what we do and how we do it, so don’t be afraid to let us know your concerns.

Please remember that we may need to clarify or confirm details of your complaint with you. This will help us to make a decision on how we should proceed to resolve your complaint. We will always do this in a fair and polite fashion.

Independent debt advice

Our customer support team is trained to help customers quickly and simply to resolve their unpaid debt. They will deal with matters in a calm, friendly fashion to assist customers in understanding their obligations to deal with their debt.

Where you are unsure of how to deal with your debt, we would always encourage you to seek independent advice from organisations such as StepChange Debt Charity and Citizens Advice Bureau, who will to understand your rights and provide tools to assist in managing your debt.

Step Change Debt Charity:

Freephone: 0800 138 111 or visit

Citizens Advice Bureau:

For England call: 08444 111 444 for Wales call: 08444 77 20 20, or visit

Advice UK:

National Debtline:

Call: 0808 808 4000 or visit

Money Advice Service:

Call: 0300 500 5000 or visit

*Please note that calls to external numbers are subject to charges, please check with their website to understand the relevant costs

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