Our fees and charges

Our fees and charges

Marston’s fees and charges are set in line with the regulations of the Tribunal Courts and Enforcement Act (TCE) implemented on 6 April 2014. These are listed below. A comprehensive list of all charges that can be applied for all enforcement can be found on the principal Marston website www.marstongroup.co.uk .

Schedule of High Court fees (net of VAT)

Fee stage Fixed fee £0 - £1,000 Percentage fees above £1,000
Compliance stage £75
1st Enforcement stage £190 7.5%
2nd Enforcement stage £495
Sale or disposal stage £525 7.5%

Other fees

Any other fees and transaction costs (credit / debit cards) are not permissible unless they are disbursements.

Please note that all fees are subject to VAT.

Exceptional disbursements

This is the application to the court with the consent of the creditor / our client.

Marston Enforcement Toolkit

To download the Marston Enforcement Toolkit, which outlines new regulations introduced under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, please click here.

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