Welcome from Michael Jackson

Welcome from Michael Jackson

by Michael Jackson, Director of High Court Services

Here at Marston we are very excited to be able to bring you our very first High Court blog post! This blog (hosted on our new-look High Court website) is an opportunity for us to keep you updated on our latest news, innovations and opinions on everything in the world of enforcement.

I thought that our first post would be a great opportunity to talk to you a little bit more about our values – values that have seen us become the country’s largest enforcement agency, recovering more money for High Court clients than anyone else.


1. We believe in accountability by taking ownership and responsibility for our actions. This means we take real pride in our work and never pass the buck.


2. We demonstrate professionalism through a commitment to achieving the standards expected of us, and that we expect ourselves. We have no greater critic of our work than ourselves but we feel that this is what drives us on to get better each and every day.


3. We demonstrate transparency by being open in the way we do business, and by making information publicly available. However we also take data protection incredibly seriously, meaning your client data is kept protected.


4. We deliver innovation through a smarter, more collaborative way of working. We hold open forums to discuss how we could do things differently and continue to develop new technologies to improve our level of service, both to clients and debtors.

Recent innovations, such as our Body Worn Videos are transforming the way we – and, in following our example, the rest of the industry – do business.


5. We show respect for each other and the customers with whom we interact. Whether it is a vulnerable debtor or our biggest client, we treat everyone with the same high level of courtesy and respect.

Our values shape our day-to-day work as much as they do our long-term plans and we strive to demonstrate these values in everything we do. If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see or hear about on this blog then we’d love to hear from you.

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